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im engaged and hes my soulmate. i love to write poetry, and short storys. i plan to become a teacher and an author.

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I Have Really Funny Pets

My Dog Butterfly i have a Maltese, shes a small type dog, 5 pounds. she thinks shes a cat. she loves cats, but hates dogs. shes very lame, she wont play fetch or do what normal dogs do. she will try to eat our cats... [more]
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  • I Remember My First Kiss

    My First Kiss Was With My Soulmate my first kiss was with my soulmate when i was 19. it was on a rainy night in may. we had been together for 7 months. were the type, that likes to take it slow and easy. we thought that it would be bes… [more]
  • I Have Issues With My Mother

    My Mom And I Haven't Gotten Along The Last 10 Years. the last  ten years of my life have been hard. i don't think my mom understood what i was going through. because for the first 17 years of my life, i had a hard time speaking clearly. up tell i was 5… [more]
  • I Think Some Of Things On The News, Is Scary, Funny, And Stupi

    The Mom Who Gives Her 8 Year Old Botox i was listening to the radio yesterday, and i heard this story, about a mother in california who gives her daughter, botex, i think that is child abuse, Im scared for the girl, who knows what the effe… [more]
  • I Love My Mom Most Of The Time Even Though We Dont Get Along

    I Love My Mom But Im Mad At Her Most Of The Time, As Shes Mad At Me. So ive lost 10 pounds, im so mad at my mom, because she desides to shrink one of my faviorte shirts, so that it fits her. i love raggedy anne. Thats what is on the front of the shirt its one of those … [more]