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I Had A Dream

i was standing on a road on the side of a mountain looking down at a city, everything looked so small, and was being distroyed, by a huge tornado, the sky was filled with black clouds and the tornado... [more]
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  • I Have Strange Dreams

    End Of The World i keep having realistic dreams that the world is ending, sometimes its ended by mankind and war and sometimes its natural like huge tornados and meteors they feel real when having them i have 1 of the… [more]
  • I Am So Lonely

    Lonely since i moved in with my partner i have had no friends, its not his fault , they just turned out to be selfish, and i get really lonely when he is at work as none of my old friends talk to me or come … [more]
  • I Wrote a Letter

    Pen Pals even though i am 19 frequently wrie letters to penpals, i have been doing this for over a year now and will probably keep it up for as long as i am able, i ejoy it alot :)… [more]
  • I Like to Read

    I Love My Books i like to read, i used to go up to my room and snuggle up in my bed and read when i was bored or feeling down, and still do but i have read all my books, suppose i best get some more. the… [more]