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Hello, my name ish Cassie nice to meet youu :) im 17 don't mind the 18 part ;) hehe, uhm i love to play video games, read/watch animes and mangas! (Code Geass!!) Uhmm i'm bisexual and maybe hoping to find someone to talk to about this because it's kinda hard to be open about it where I live :3 Err...I do not drink,smoke or do any drugs because thats just bad :X i'm forgetting ALOT of stuff but just well, message me or post on my whiteboard and try to get to know mee! :)

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  • a little American
  • and a little German (Pomeranian)
  • and a little Italian (Sicilian)
Vices uhh, i dont wanna say >_>
Politics Anarchist
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Books i just read manga's soo...Bleach, Naruto, Chibi Vampire, One Piece, Chobits and many more ^-^
Music metalcore, punk, screamo, deathcore, rock, alternative, indie, dubstep (some), Techno anything really, butt country and rap D:
Movies uhh i cant think right now -.-
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I Am Not Fake My Profile Is Real And My Pics Are Really Me

-.-' If you can't see that it's ME in the picture then you must be an idiot. Just because I do not go crazy and post a million pictures of myself on here does not make me fake. I have a facebook, and have... [more]
CarnivorousCassie has shared 7 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Pierced

    Indeed I Am ^-^ I have my monroe done, I have gotten my nose pierced, and I also have my ears pierced twice. I want to get them stretched but my parents are losers and won't let me! D: but yep, so far that's my pi… [more]
  • I Am Bisexual

    I Am X) I have learned to come to love guys and girls the same. Why? Because, guys and girls are just amazing themselves and I can easily get along with both. All I ask, guys, is that you don't request "sexy"… [more]
  • I Hate Being Lied to

    ... I have been lied to soo soo many times, and it reallly annoys and bugs me. Like, I value honesty alot and I truly expect that knowing that when we become friends that you can respect and honour that. … [more]
  • I Spend a Lot of Time By Myself

    Even Though I'm Not Really Ever Truly Alone... I'm always that kid you see with their hoodie up, earphones in, dressed diffrently and not really caring about the world. why? because, kids these days are very stupid and if you dont look or dress a … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I still sit here everyday after you died and wonder: "Why? Why would he want to go and get mixed up with drugs when he KNEW I always felt bad about them?." I also cry myself to sleep wishing you were here. Why, out of all the people to have overdose iin my life, why did it have to be my brother, who's always protected me, cared for me, showed me love when mom and dad would neglect me and treat me like sh!t, always be there when I needed a hug or was feeling down. Why did you have to leave me here, all alone with nobody  by my side? :/ What I wouldn't do to relieve that last day of your's with you again and to be able to hug you so tightly and never,ever let go. I know you were blinded by it,… [more]