Female , 31-35

An introvert by birth, I am cuirous about everything, and learn so much just sitting quietly in the corner. People think I'm easy to talk to, but I don't find it easy to talk. But once I get going, shutting me up can be hard. Married just under 3 years, trying to start a family and keep my head above water in the extrovert dominated work world.

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Favorite Quote Not all who wander are lost - Tolkien
  • a little Irish
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I Had A Dream

I'm sitting in a restraunt, it's well it and nice, like I'd imagine a great brunch place to be, not that I've ever been to brunch. I'm sitting at a taller table with two people. One is my old crush... [more]
  • I Am An Introvert

    Socially Awkward? I was born into a large, extroverted family. I recently commented to an friend that I was the odd one out because I wasn't loud, obnoxious, and robustly jovial. Holidays with my family were trying tim… [more]
  • I Adore My Husband

    Deeply My husband spoils me. He gets up early to make sure I have coffee and breakfast. He kisses me as I leave for work. He does the dishes. He drives whenever we go anywhere together because I hate driving… [more]
  • I Don't Have Many Close Firends

    Once Upon A Time... There are times in my past that I had close friends. Friends that knew how I breathe, we were so close. I saw these people on a daily basis. We were in eachother's back pockets at times. There were ev… [more]