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I Write Poetry

Quiet, Quiet! In order to kill the feeling of madness,I drown my thoughts in endless music.Hours of melody and harmony keep me sane,If only until the end of the song.But for those moments... [more]
  • I Broke Somebody's Heart

    The Masks That Monster's Wear I am always the monster.Never am I the hero, the knight in shining armor; the boy who ends up with the girl, the nice guy who wins out over the b… [more]
  • I Like Creative Writing

    Arctic North What you lack in purpose you make up for in utter conviction. What you lack in faith you make up for in complete delusion. How did I ever love someone like you; when not long ago I… [more]
  • I Write Poetry

    Scarlet Flowers And Butterflies Simply stop, Remember a moment Kindness in tragedy Love over space Don't forget the sunset Steal the moon Snowy and cold Decembers Smell the smoke and the emb… [more]
  • I Like Creative Writing

    Remember To Breathe based on a dream. The young man rolled onto his side, the blankets shifting with him. He squinted his eyes in the darkness, unsure of why he'd awoken. A shape formed in the … [more]