Female , 18-21

My names Alma.<br />
Im 18.<br />
Im from South Texas. <br />
Im wise.<br />
Im a night owl.<br />
I cuss like Fucking' crazy.<br />
I dont expect much from others.<br />
Im a text machine. ;p<br />
Message me.<br />
Comment me.<br />
Text me.

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  • Hello, Im In Delaware.

    Posted on: January 21st, 2010 at 2:39PM

    My love; Dallas Green.So there goes my life,Passing by with every exit sign.It's been so long,Sometimes I wonder how I will stay strong.No sleep tonight,I'll keep on driving these dark highway lines.And as the moon fades,One more night gone, only twenty more days.But I will see you again,I will see you again,A long time from now.And there goes my life,Passing by with every departing flight.And it's been so hard,So much time so far apart.And she walks the night.How many hearts will die tonight?And will things have changed?I guess I'll find out in seventeen days.But I will see you again,I will see you again,A long time from now.My body aches,And it hurts to sing.No one is moving.And I wish th… [more]


  • Dreams come true. O_O

    Posted on: January 24th, 2010 at 10:14AM

    So recently I had a dream like none other. In my dream I had gotten in a fightwith my close friend Aliza. For one weird reason we got into this HUGE physical fight.I ended up punching her nose (Oh yes. ;p Hahaha.). This is where I gets SO good,I was now in a mall parking lot with some weird girl. She got a weird phone call saying,We will come get you and it wont be pretty. I was freaking out, so some car parks behind usand everything the guy is saying is matching with the movement of his mouth. At this pointI'm panicking she tells me, Just act like your sleeping the robots won't get you.(Wtf! Yes ROBOTS!! :o) I start acting like I'm sleeping, so I accidentally move my shoulder,and the robot … [more]