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im nice, friendly, and lovable but no one seems to see that

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I Have a Confession

Last year I was depressed a lot and I was going though things I couldn't take but one day I I found out I was having a baby and I was happy and a month later I had a miscarrige for some reason and I... [more]
  • I A Life I Wish I Never Had

    A Very Messed Up Life i was adopted when i was 17 which is not that long ago some very bad things happen and still do i was messed with bullied and talked about for 17 years i know that i deserved those things because they… [more]
  • I Dont Want To Be A Rape Victim Anymore

    Cant Take It Anymore i have dealt with this almost my hole life and im just getting tired of some nasty *** men who wants to rape, moleste me every freaking day i cant take it and how can they take it.... it hurts so bad … [more]
  • I Uncaring Family

    Me And My Sister i never thought me and her would be apart....i thought twins stay together and now she says she cant stay with me because things aways happen to me and she doesn't want to see me gethurt anymore....bu… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    why so many things going through my head right now i just feel like killing myself but i cant i just need someone to talk to… [more]