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I Can't Shut Off My Feelings

Increased Empathy Why do i feel for others as well as myself? Why does it hurt me DEEPLY to see a child suffer, an animal tortured or an innocent man killed? Yes, some people "feel bad/sorry" for them, but I FEEL THEIR... [more]
  • I Love My Natural Hair

    The Driest Hair In The Worlllddd!!! I love natural hair, but not MINE! Its crazy how dry my hair is, I have done steam treatments, hot oil, deep cond, natural condition, water/oil mix, etc! I literally got so fed up this morning i DRENC… [more]
  • I Am An Empath

    I Am Just Realizing My "Gift" I have always wondered why i felt sad or embarassed for people. Or why i feel angry for no reason at all. At first i thought i was Bi-Polar lol until one day i shook a womans hand who had cancer and i… [more]
  • I Hate That We Need Money to Survive

    Goodbye Money!!!! Money has put so many limitations on our lives and has turned most of humanity into a money hungry, money seeking and money worshiping species. I wish money was never created, that humanity had evolve… [more]
  • I Am Confused By Celebrity Worship

    I Had To Wake Up I wouldnt call it "worship" on my end but i was infauated with a certain celebrity until i realized how i was being brain washed and i grew up and matured. These PEOPLE are just people. that have tal… [more]
  • School Confessions

    I just cant STAND math, i literally get SAD or have panic attacks when i go into class. Who else HATES math VERY BADLY?? Do you have any techniques to cope ? lol. Do you know any online services or tutoring that can help me? I see some youtube videos but only one guy who can explain things to where i understand. I have straight A's throughout college , maybe like 2 B+'s but i currently have a D in CALC!!!! NOOOO!!!! I HATE MATHHHHHHHHHHH....ughhh… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I LOVE EP!!!!
    I hateddddd Facebook, people never replied to my "deep" posts and only cared if i posted something that didnt take much thought to read and understand. BUT here at EP I feel support and see people who are just as curious as i am( im sure there are still some morons here as well) . And its sad because on facebook i actually "know" or have met almost everyone on that page and I feel more at home and more positivity from complete strangers ive never even seen before. People that I can connect with beyond being physically together. I have connected mentally with people in as short as 1 week and have learned and expressed a lot i couldnt on facebook because nobody cared. People on EP actually see… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I HATE working in customer service!!
    I cant wait to graduate and get a BETTER job. Im not knocking people who work in CS jobs its just not FOR ME. The disrespect, rude attitudes, the STUPIDITY of my callers. OMG i could swear these people shouldnt be in college (i work for a college helpdesk). How are you gona ask me "Do i press submit" NO, you just sit there and the magical submit fairy will press it for you so you can log in. DUHHHH YOU PRESS SUBMIT! WTF! Also, if you have all the freakin answers why are you calling!? Dont ask me something then tlak over me! Or Ask me something then REFUSE to go through with the troubleshooting steps! Do it your damn self then! Why are you calling cursing me out when i havent even heard what … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Save Yourself !
    (You cant take my cant take my pride ...)So, they send out the people to break up our nation...Say they seek out the people so patiently waiting,Then they send out the people to change our emotion,Say theyre tired of people with so much devotion (Oohh)So I say, Save yourself...No matter what you do, Save yourself...From the ways of the world, save yourself...We've come this far, You dont need their help.Say, they send out pollution to cancel our breathin...And they riot whenever we start to refuse them..(yeahh)Save Yourself...-Jah Cure (Save Yourself)… [more]