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I Adore People Who Are Not Afraid to Share Their True Feelings

People who share their true feelings are people who are brave and confident. I admire people who are able to share their true feelings because it really isn't just something anybody can do. People... [more]
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  • I Im a Young Girl and Im Attracted to Older Men

    I find myself very attracted to older men. I have been with a man who was twice my age it was too weird. I was flattered but... he was kind of dorky. I was with a guy who was 12 years o… [more]
  • I Am Trapped By My Parents

    Financially Trapped Right before I left for college my parents discovered that I did something against my religion.  It was pretty serious.  I do regret it.  They also found out I was dating a pers… [more]
  • I "Got The Belt" When I Was A Kid

    Yep, I got the belt when I was a kid. I was terrified of the belt. That is what my dad would threaten us with if we didn't do what we were supposed to. I remember the most suspenseful and terrifying… [more]
  • I Love Being Someones Fantasy

    It is so flattering to speculate about being someone's fantasy. Someone's forbidden fruit. It makes me feel so attractive and slightly naughty. I love to tease and play with that bit of … [more]