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Books the secret,my heart is not in my pocket .
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I Think Life Is Beautiful

My Vision when i think of life in general i find it,beautiful,im surrounded by negative people which always says that im fool if i thought that or im just pretending having better attitudes than them , [more]
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  • I Want To Share My Feelings And Thoughts

    I Am Stuck In Between ! i always been confused,worried ,not comfort at all,used to live that way ,but now i'm trying to change,to live on my own,live as who really heart is calm but my mind still used to interrup… [more]
  • I Like Myself

    When I Knew Myself I Liked It !! i like me,may i were not able to see the real me before,cause i were trying to be better,more attractive,more smart,more self confident ,etc i were thinking 6 years earlier that im not what i want ,so… [more]
  • I Want to Live On My Own

    I Don Want Be Right,i Want Be Me !! i lived years without realizing what i'm doing,i always knew that i'm confident,but also always knew that i miss something,some thing wrong with me,i read about how to be more confident,how to develop… [more]
  • I Care About Myself

    I Like The Idea !! how amazing to be here for me,be my best friend ever,always by my side,supporting,amusing me.i love the idea itself makes me happy,specially when i know that there are a common say ,says:only me… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    i hate my family
    yeah,i hate them,im sure of the feeling its hatred.and they deserve that,deserved to be hated.hope they suffer as i am,they deserve pain.hurt inside.deserve fail.disasters,even death.they did a lot,and every thing must have an end,and thats there end for me,now i consider them died.i wont consider them a family any more,and to not full myself with hatred,and revenge,i will forget them forever,even if they are with me,i wont feel them,i wont think of them.i will deal as they are nothing.i deserve love,deserve safety,deserve compassion,deserve happiness,success,happy beautiful life,and i will have (g.w)i will work since this moment to that,will live only for me,and if there is good people who … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    you better don read this!
    bad,hard, or all of those feeling is what i have.believe or not that's better than before .seeing  beam of light,by relying on my heart,to take me through this.i need to totally believe.get rid of every thing and believe.believe in my heart,that can take me to better times,better done with thinking i think a lot,but at the far end i found myself in the same point,passed steps but it's lead for nothing,at the end i feel im wrong.but i will believe in me,and in my heart to carry me through every th.i will live relying on it.does anyone know the real reason that make believe in heart and feelings hard?… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    feel peaceful every day :)
    i like feeling happy, i worked hard today,as i never do since a month,or more !i like when im doing every thing right.feeling free,relaxed,happy!!the feeling of admiring this moment.i have many good things in my life(my boy friend ,we love each other beautiful true love)and i have great work(it artificial),i like arts.relaxed mind,watching comedy show,is all what i need more :)i hope i can feel peaceful everyday !… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i love myself
    i have some thing to say,i want stay always by my side,want be more important than it shows for others around me,i know im better than who im in other eyes,i have to work hard,to achieve my goals,in every aspect of my life,living as who i am.who really i am !i deserve to be me,be as what i always want .… [more]