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I Don't Know How to Flirt

Don'T Know How To Flirting isn't natural for me. Wouldn't know if some one was flirting with me. Im that clueless when it comes to flirting. Don't know why people expect most individuals to... [more]
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  • I Am Going to Grow My Hair Long

    Gonna Beat Rapunzel! I was able to sit on it at one time. I've mostly had my hair long for most of my life, have only had it short a few times. It looks better long though. I like it long, co… [more]
  • I Have A Ponytail Collection

    I Had It Cut Off, Still Have It. I still have my old ponytail that was cut off, by a male hairdresserwho was actually reluctant to cut my waist length hair a few years ago.I still have it, coz of the memories it remind me… [more]
  • I Hate Getting My Hair Cut

    Had To Get It Cut...... because of the damage.but now I regret it.I feel naked without my long hair!So Iv'e decided to let it grow back.I prefer my hair long.… [more]
  • I Wear Goth Clothing

    Did In College... But cant afford to buy the clothes I want to wear.keep seeing awesome/creepy/cool stuff that I like.… [more]