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i am looking for friends that won't judge me people who share my passions for writing people who understand my writing and enjoy reading it as i enjoy reading others poems. If you want to know me read me poetry and my profile.

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I Want People To Share There Poetry

Symphony Of Sorrow give me the strength i need to go on this symphony of sorrow has played to long I feel it there as the tears escape my eyes I can hear it there as i tell you i... [more]
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  • I Have a Sixth Sense

    I Can Sense Things... i can sense feelings in people i have always been sensitive to how people feel. I have always been able to see things in my head images and pictures i get feelings about people and p… [more]
  • I Find Serial Killers Fascinating

    What Makes Serial Killers Tick? I have always wondered why... i am sure i am not alone in asking this question and i know i will probably never know but i can't help but search for the answer although there may not be … [more]
  • I Hardly Ever Leave My House

    I Like Staying Home..... i never leave the house unless i have no choice and then when i do i have panic spells i have anxiety i am not good around people i start having chest pains my legs shake and i can't breath my … [more]
  • I Feel So Disconnected From Everyone And Everything Some Days

    Somedays I wake up most days and i feel so disconnected from everyone and everything some days i don't feel human i feel like an alien incapable of feeling anything but numb and depressed i… [more]
  • Chapter 2-EMPTYness

    Posted on: May 25th, 2011 at 9:54PM

     CHAPTER 2What did she mean by her death making me feel something?  I asked myself as we made our way through the living room.It felt weird to see my mother as dead as the animals I had killed and all that blood would normally have made me smile but knowing it was mom's kept me from enjoying it. All I felt was empty more empty then usual as the officer who helped me off the bed led him in the kitchen and sat me down. He walked over to the sink and got me a glass of water from the facet and handed it to me. He was watching with sympathy in his eyes as he sat down at the table across from me where mom was sitting hours ago smiling and happy. What had gone wrong? I asked myself as I sipped from… [more]


  • Bad days and worse

    Posted on: February 20th, 2011 at 8:29PM

    I have never been a positive person i have suffered from depression all my life i remember the first time i tried to end my existence i was 7 years old i jumped from a bluff that i believed was a cliff i don't know why i am the way i am it drives me crazy not knowing why. I didn't have a traumatic childhood not that i can remember anyway's. Sometimes i think i am evil i get in these moods where i purposely try to hurt people with words i know bother them. I don't like to be this way i try my best to be a good person i really do i can not remember ever being happy even as i child all though my memories are kind of a blur. I don't know who i am or what i am supposed to be the only thing that i… [more]


  • Everyday remains the same

    Posted on: March 14th, 2011 at 10:30PM

    Everyday always the same i will never be capable of changethe world spins and people age i remain the my mind i have to much time my life is wasting a waystill i remain lost and full of hoplessness deserted andafraid of my own thoughts i am deranged my mind islike a puzzel missing peices never able to be completed.everyday remains the same. … [more]


  • Untold Prophecy's (fantasy)

    Posted on: June 4th, 2011 at 1:13AM

    Untold Prophecy   The storm had transformed in to a lion seemingly acting upon the most primal of instincts blood thirst clawing at Cetana’s cloak, the wind roared as if taunting her toward a futile battle of the elements. Nature’s fury pounded at Cetana trying to stop her from reaching her destination. The winters snow and the freezing winds consumed her body sending chills through her and numbing her extremities too the point of making it nearly impossible to keep a hold of the reins in her already frozen grip. She leaned closer to Azmond’s neck hoping that the closeness would bring warmth of some kind. The light green cloak wrapped around her fragile body did little for warmth. Cetana r… [more]