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i am looking for friends that won't judge me people who share my passions for writing people who understand my writing and enjoy reading it as i enjoy reading others poems. If you want to know me read me poetry and my profile.

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I Want People To Share There Poetry

Symphony Of Sorrow give me the strength i need to go on this symphony of sorrow has played to long I feel it there as the tears escape my eyes I can hear it there as i tell you i... [more]
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  • I Have a Sixth Sense

    I Can Sense Things... i can sense feelings in people i have always been sensitive to how people feel. I have always been able to see things in my head images and pictures i get feelings about people and p… [more]
  • I Find Serial Killers Fascinating

    What Makes Serial Killers Tick? I have always wondered why... i am sure i am not alone in asking this question and i know i will probably never know but i can't help but search for the answer although there may not be … [more]
  • I Hardly Ever Leave My House

    I Like Staying Home..... i never leave the house unless i have no choice and then when i do i have panic spells i have anxiety i am not good around people i start having chest pains my legs shake and i can't breath my … [more]
  • I Feel So Disconnected From Everyone And Everything Some Days

    Somedays I wake up most days and i feel so disconnected from everyone and everything some days i don't feel human i feel like an alien incapable of feeling anything but numb and depressed i… [more]