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    I'm in big trouble.
    My brother went on holiday this Sunday just gone. I was looking after his parrot for him. This bird is his pride and joy,an African grey parrot called,Gino. My brother has rung every day to check that Gino is okay. Yesterday it was so warm that I decided to open the patio doors in the lounge. Without thinking,I let Gino fly about and then it was too late. He flew out of the patio doors! I ran after him but he had flown to the trees in the garden. I called him and waited for ages but nothing. I didn't sleep last night. My brother rang yesterday and i had to pretend everything was okay. What can I do? He paid a lot of money for the parrot and I cant afford to replace it? My brother is coming h… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    This is so embarrassing as I write this.Years ago I was dating this lovely guy,we had been dating for a few weeks when he decided that he wanted me to meet his parents. I was very nervous as this guy who I was dating was very posh.The day arrived for me to meet his parents.My boyfriend picked me up in his car and I was so nervous.We eventually pulled up at a large detached house with long driveway,my boyfriend reassured me that everything would be great. His mum answered the door and ushered us inside. His parents took me into large conservatory where a table was laid with food..We all sat down to eat. I felt an urge to go to the toilet but I didn't like asking his parents where the toilet w… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    I used to live with this guy,he was a nasty piece of work so I decided to pay him back.One day before he got out of bed,I went to toilet and had a poo as I usually do on a morning,then after I had finished I got my boyfriends tooth brush and put my it down the toilet and cleaned it.When he got up later and went to bathroom,it gave me the greatest pleasure to watch him cleaning his teeth!… [more]