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I Hate Being Young

Well, I hate being the youngest eldest one in our family. I'm almost 20 years old, and my family still treats me as if I'm 15 years old. Like for instance, my cousin had thrown a passion... [more]
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  • I Had Crush On Teacher

    Mr. Gorgeous Oh my gosh. The last teacher I had a crush on was in high school. We had the same last name it was weird. Of course we werent related, he is white. He was older but his body was in great shape and he … [more]
  • I Have Glasses

    I Need Glasses. Ive needed glasses since the 4th grade. Moms made sure I got the dorkiest ones. Literally. They were point dexters. I hated them things. My brother says he was the first who noticed I needed glasses. … [more]
  • I Am the Black Sheep of the Family

    I Would Rather Be Like A Zebra... My family is close. Cant go a day without talking on the phone or visiting. Even Facebooking. Were a big family. There are five girls and three boys. I am literally the black zebra. Im the 6th child.… [more]
  • I Hate My Personality

    I just hate it. I feel like I've wasted my life away. I'm a wasted soul. Someone else could have my life because I'm not doing a very good job of running it. Yeah. I get it. Life is about … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    i dont feel at all like myself currently & i just want someone to understand why.
    Lately, I just don't feel like myself. There's lots of nostalgia going on... I haven't been sleeping very well. Sleep late, wake up early. I've been drinking at least three to four energy drinks a day. Usually, after my day is done and I'm ready to retire for the night and I'm coming off of my e.d. high, I knock out very quickly and I have THE amazing sleep ever. Now, I am just all over the place. I don't get up at a decent time. I sleep late. I'm antsy and jittery. Not at all feeling like myself. Worst of all, I am incredibly irritable. INCREDIBLY. I wish so bad to tell people that I'm not feeling like myself lately and I feel like ****, but o can't of course. I want to apologize deeply for… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I Miss You.
    It seems as if it's getting worse than better. There's just too many memories. So many times that I want to just give up because he isn't here anymore, and I have no one to confide in. No one who REALLY understands, or gets it. He was the greatest man in the world. It would never get better than him. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life without him. Every time we talk about the good ole days, the memories come back, and it's like someone stabs me in the heart with a sharp knife or something. It hurts. I don't even like to think about it. Which is probably bad, but it's the only way I could cope. It's so hard without him. Without his knowledge and wisdom. Like, it will NEVER get… [more]