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I Feel Lost

The Disfunctional How is it that the deaths of loved ones can change a family. It all starts with denial and not accepting what has happened. Then trying to cope with the children that have lost everything. The family... [more]
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    i dont understand men
    i really dont understand men, when you think you understand them they go nuts. and completly change into a person you have never seen before what is that about? dont get me wrong i know women can be like that to but ahhh why are men so confusing why do they hide there feelings and why do they have to flirt with anything and everything that moves?… [more]
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    to new beginnings right?
    so figured if i kept my mind busy then i could stop thinking about the past. so far i have failed it just feels like whenever i get an inch of hope i get pulled straight back in to a black hole. my friends live to far away and well my family they dont care i know i will get honest opinions from people i dont know i just dont know what to do anymore i had my life planned out i knew what i wanted to do and how to get there. but now it just seems as if my mind has collapsed and i cant do anything about it. i know that having children changes a whole lot in your life. and everyone stops believing in you and just gives up on you straight away. how is that fair?… [more]
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    a war against my mind
    is it right to fight against your mind? because thats all i seem to do now.i want to break down and just cry. but apparently i have to be strong for my son. i love him but im sorry i just cant do it anymore. i keep having mental images of things that i shouldnt be seeing and dreaming things that just shouldnt be dreamt and now it seems like im totally alone in this world oh hatred and pain. i really dont think i can take much more of this… [more]
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    do you ever feel like you dont belong?
    sometimes i feel like im not awake that im dreaming because i see so many bad things happen every day and i just dont understand how they could happen all the time, rapes, murder and people being homeless even though there really nice people who deserve a better life… [more]