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Wow I haven't been online for awhile....

Well I'm not really used to describing my-self I usually leave this kind of stuff blank or with a bare minimum but EP is a pretty cool place so I might as well.

I'm a young dude starting the beginning of the rest of my life. I have a loving family and a close nit group of friends that I'm really thankful for but I want more out of life. So I decided to join the Navy (I ship off to boot camp on the 25th of March). Other then that I'm a shy, chill, take no risks kind of guy.

Since I was a only child I had to find something to so things I filled my time with to this day are Comics(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure,Berserk,DMZ,etc) Cartoons(Old Looney Tunes Shorts, Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy, few Disney movies, My Little Poney Friendship is magic, many more from the golden age of cartoons,etc)
Music(used to be a major hip-hop head but now it all sounds the same so a bunch of classic rock for me) and a few books inbetween.

Add me if you want I'll send you a message at least once or comment on your stories/questions.

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