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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

If you will not talk to me then don't add me in your circle! [more]
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  • I Need a Friend to Talk to Openly

    If You Need A Good Friend Hi everybody,if you need a good friend to talk to openly...or you need some advises...send me a message...i'm a very good friend and listener :D… [more]
  • I Think Love Is More Than Just A Word

    L'amore Love is a kiss Love is looking in her eyes and smile Love is fight Love is forgiving with a simple glance Love has her body,her face Love is the most beautiful drug… [more]
  • I Am Not the Person I Used to Be

    I'm Changed People is used to say ''you're changed"..''you are not the same person anymore" but they never ask ''why are you changed?''… [more]
  • I Am Here For Anyone Who Needs a Friend

    I Can Help You If you are looking for a good friend to talk about your problems or your feelings,or you feel alone..send me a private message,i'll be always read to listen and advice you.… [more]