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I Have a Confession

I don't know if I can cope with my boyfriend being away in the army. I'm so worried about everything and I don't know how to be ok. I'm just so confused about everything. The worst thing is the not... [more]
  • I Am Going to Be a Military Girlfriend

    I Don't Know What To Expect My boyfriend will be going into basic training soon, he's got his fitness test in a few days which he will pass. We're in a long distance relationship at the moment but I still have regular contact wi… [more]
  • I Am Going to Be a Military Girlfriend

    I Am Going To Be A Military Girlfriend My boyfriend is literally the most wonderful man I have ever met. You hear people say that a lot. But he is, he would do anything for anyone and the love I feel for him overwhelms me. He has wanted to… [more]
  • I Am a Military Girlfriend

    You I’m sat here looking at you, with the little creases around your eyes. You’d travelled all that way to see me. You aren’t looking at the camera, you’re looking at me and there’s a little smi… [more]