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ako si ena :D

I don't give a Crap! What people may think or may say about me!!!Don't get me wrong, I am NOT full of myself, nor am I better than others, or self centered!easy going.down to earth.just a girl looking for whatever comes my way.

I'm a real cool person to be around. At first glance some individuals may think that I can be snobby or whatever they wanna call it.
Honestly... eye contact, and Smiling at a person that I do not know is just not my thing.

Only people dear, close, or those who have open minds and the capacity to try and get to know different types of personalities before they slap a label on them, pretty much know that I'm a very loving, caring, playful, positive, genuine, funny, awesome, happy go lucky, extra ordinary, one of a kind, child of God!

I love to make fun of myself and others around me (in an all in fun kinda way), I like to hang out with my friends & family, have a few drinks, binge eat, spend too much of my time and get a little crazy

I'm the real deal. I'm not a poser. I can be your friend XD I'm not simple. I'm different. I'm UNIQUE. Hellyeah, you ain't seen nothing like me. I'm a joker, I laugh hard, tease hard :) Di ako MAARTE like other people may think.mejo moody at some reason. :D Promise, I'm easy to get along with. :D imma sociable person. (eto lan nagiging dimonyo lan ako pag si JAYZ SALAVERIA na ang paguusapan) DATS LIFE IM FALLING FOR THE WRONG REASON.

My family know me in the Best and especially the Worse ways. I am blessed to have parents and siblings who have the patience to take all the time in the world needed, to understand, accept, love, and even stand to be around me
I know for a fact that I am lucky to have them.

and im VERY RANDOM .pak

For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right (Don't ask. Just don't) I thought that I knew enough to know myself and do what's right for me ^^, I LOVEHIM.wala ka ng paki kung hindi ako makamove-on. TAHIIIIIIIMIK KA MABUTI PA!

pero ngayong sobrang lito kung ano ang mahal at kung ano ang kelangan. gusto ko mabura nalang lahat yung pain kung may babalik man at kung may mamahalin man sana alam ko kung sino talaga. nakakalito sya kase ang kasama ko at nagbibigay ng ngiti sakin pero ang isa ang nasa isip ko na sana kasama ko at kung may pagkakkataon mang ang isa naman ang kasama ko naiisip ko ang nakaraan ko. aa okay itoy iniisip ko na ang lahat ay kathang isip lamang. thats my boy. or should i say kinchi?

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