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I Refuse to Be What Everyone Wants Me to Be

New Height Of Social Awkwardness For Me I have been always shy with girls and every time I have a good rapport of conversation with them I pull out of it. Since the past few days I have been finding it difficult to overcome my fears of... [more]
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    I'm a retard
    I am 18 at the moment and whenever I look back at life I have always felt disappointed. As a kid growing up I've always been shy and introverted. Growing up I've always had hate in me and I could never really realize why. I never really got going at anything in life and I am sure all that I could do confidently is get good grades. Being a goal oriented person, I never really realized the other aspects of life that I did compromise on in life. I have been hopelessly rude to my parents when I did not get what I want. When you are a kid, they always teach you to be nice, to understand others. And I did try that. But i forgot to smile when things did not go my way. I never knew what it is to par… [more]
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    i'm a pushover
    i wake up each day to get by my day and i hate i have to be lookin at your face. No I dont care about you. I care about how I'd get through.I want to be dominating. I want to be confident and strong. But on the expense of the feelings of some other guy like me? who'd not want what i now don't want. Hate hate and hate. This world is filled with strong opinions. And I dont choose to have one opinion.Other confession. I'm a pathetic driver. I've been numb and I've hit a car and ran away from it unsuccessfully and had my uncle give away 2500 rs for the damage.yes I'm too afraid to feel your hate and you are too shallow to feel my love.… [more]