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If I was in a field of horses, I'd be the zebra. If I was in a field of zebras, I'd be the horse. If I was in a field of humans, I'd be ME. Aah I'm just a big softie who wants a hug all the time. Got a real childlike SOH quite mischivious but would NEVER play a prank that would offend. I'm quick to get annoyed but equally quick to forgive. I DONT hold grudges. Many nasty things can be said in a moment of anger. When I'm NOT craving a hug or having a laugh my serious side is pretty assertive. I'm a trained security guy and now going to get back into it. My last job which I HATED (boring boring warehouse( finished because I walked out Feb 2011. Savings have now all but run out so hope to get back into the security game. I always laugh WITH ppl but never ever AT them. I HATE bullies and WILL kick off verbally or physically if threatened. Wouldn't hurt a fly who didn't want to hurt me first. Every ELSE says I look a hard case on the outside but a right softie within. They are probably right but I'm only defensive if I don't know anyone. I'm in 100% friendly mode on here which is great as I hate having my guard up. I LOVE hearing from new ppl ESPECIALLY those with a GSOH..WOW I'd better come up for some breath now LOL

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I Love to Share a Laugh

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