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I am an artist, a reader and a dreamer.

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  • a little American
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I Have a Confession

This is going to sound strange to many of you, but I'm prepared for that. You see, I have a bit of a problem. When my lips dry out, I just kind of... take the dead skin off. I have a little box I keep... [more]
  • I Don't Want Kids

    I Will Never Give Birth It looks painful and I don't want to go through those sleepless nights spent rocking the brat to sleep.I might, however, adopt an older child if I ever change my mind.… [more]
  • I Pretend I'm Someone Else

    I Pretend To Be So Many Different People. No one knows, really. And it's not a problem.But I'll pretend, as I walk though the crowd, that I am some monster.Sometimes, it's a monster from our history, like a Nazi or a s… [more]
  • I Remember Past Life Memories

    I Was A Cat I know that sounds crazy, and if you want to believe I'm crazy, go ahead. I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise. I know that this story rings true and that's enough for me to believe. … [more]
  • I Want to Know How Well You Can Spot a Liar

    How To Spot A Liar & Answer Key My result was: You Can Definitely Spot a Liar"Maybe you have good instincts. Or maybe you just have a lot of experience with liars.Either way, it's pretty hard for someone to pull a … [more]