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I Have Bad Habits And I Hate Myself

I Am A Really Horrible Muslim,Woman And Person. I have been a mess for a very long time, I am a surviving victim of childhood sexual abuse and still at the age of 24 struggling with myself. Being a muslim makes it all the more hard for... [more]
chenobyl1986 has shared 8 Mature Experiences
  • I Want to Leave My Whole Family Behind Forever

    I Want To Leave My Family And Never Return My Entire Life has been such a blur, all these weird things happen to me for so long and now they just torture me in flashbacks and nightmares and silly things that people say which reminds me of my p… [more]
  • I Seek Inner Peace

    Verily With Hardship Comes Ease [Quran] So, after so many years of failure and difficulties, confusion and suffering emotionally and mentally. It is a shocker that years later so many of my dreams have come true. Never in a million years wo… [more]
  • I Am An Unemployed And My Life Is A Mess

    Cant Seem To Get A Job And Move On In Life So I finished my Masters in Renewable Energy and Architecture in January 2013. I have done some odd jobs here and there but currently I am unemployed. It is frustrating me that I cannot get anything i… [more]
  • I Hate My Family

    Hide Me Anywhere But Away From My Family! I seem to fall into this emotional roller-coaster every year. I hate my family, I can't love them completely as normal people do. I do not see the importance of family, everyone seems to give their al… [more]