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Fun-loving; intelligent, easy to get along with, and, of course, I am beautiful and charming.

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I Have Been Here Before

I just read a story I wrote one year after my husband died of pancreatic cancer. Time has passed. Tomorrow will mark the fourth anniversary of his death. I am hanging in there and I take one day at... [more]
  • I Have Been Here Before

    An Incredibly Sad Time For Me I have been on EP from time to time over the past year and a half. I always enjoyed myself and I have made many friends who I remember quite fondly. I haven't been on EP very much lately because my … [more]
  • I Have Been Here Before

    One Year Ago Today... It is been one year ago today that my husband died of pancreatic cancer. It is a sad and miserable day for me and I can't seem to shake this funky feelining I've have for the last week. I keep telli… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    It Hurts So Much
    My husband passed away on April 1. Yesterday I saw his watch in my jewelry box and it made me cry. Today I was doing laundry and I ran out of hangers on my side of the closet and took some of the hangers from his side of the closet. It made me cry to remember his clothes once hanging there. I wish I could quit crying.… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    The day started off as any other. I went to school to prepare my classroom for the start of school on Monday. The first disaster occurred as I was carefully stacking boxes of novels in a cabinet. As I placed the last box of novels on the shelf, it gave away and tons of novels came crashing down around my feet, thus knocking me off balance and I fell down hard right on my tailbone. I got up, rubbed my tailbone, fixed the shelf, restacked the novels and moved on to cleaning out and arranging my desk. As I was straightening the contents of my desk, I was placing all of my push pins (thumb tacks) into a box and I poked one of the pins deep under the middle finger of my left hand. I'm sure … [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    An Unusual Birthday Gift
    I've had quite a few birthdays and I've received many wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, and exceptional gifts. However, the gift I will never forget was the one I received from my daughter about five years ago. I live in Texas, but I was visiting her at her home near Santa Cruz, California. It so happened that I was visiting her during my birthday and she planned a lovely party with lots of wonderful food, a birthday cake and lots and lots of friends and family members. The party was to begin at 2:00 p.m. About 9:00 a.m., as I was sipping my coffee and lounging around, she told me to get dressed because we needed to go get my birthday gift. She refused to say anymore about it. So we g… [more]