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I Love Being A Fat Kid

There is this guy in my year who is really hot and has one of the best bellys ever! It is just so sexy. I wish I could do a belly play video with him. Or him just do one alone. Spread these photos... [more]
  • I Are Fat

    Fat 11 Year Old And Want To Get Bigger I am 7.5 stone (Can u tell me what that is in lbs) I want to get all saggy my belly is nearly falling of the side of my trousers but not yet any tips on how to get way fatter but my parents are … [more]
  • I Are Fat

    Sorry My Brother Wrote i am actually 7.7 stone and wanting to gain my belly is peaking about to sag over my trousers. I nearly have man boobs but not yet. Any tips on how to get fatter. My mum and da don't want me to … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I think I'm in love with a very lovely, very good looking and amazing person on ep and I'm not sure if they know it!… [more]