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I Believe That True Love Is Worth Waiting For

Why You Should Never Let Your Friends Set Up Your Dates This is a cute family story my grandparents told me about how they got together. My grandparents both found each other attractive in high school but had never really talked because my... [more]
  • I Stand Up to Bullies Online and In General

    How I Stood Up To A Bully I was often made fun of in school for many reasons. It was particularly bad on my bus. There was this one group of guys who completely verbally abused me every day, and even went so far as to throw th… [more]
  • I Hate Racism and Discrimination

    Some of the most racist people I know are actually white people who date black people. They think that they "act black" and so they seek black lovers and friends but what they're really doing is livin… [more]
  • I Am Going to Say Something Controversial

    I've been hearing these girls talk about how they should be allowed to wear whatever they want or go naked for that matter because they are not responsible for a rapist looking at them as a sexual ob… [more]
  • I Dont Go to Church

    They don't have my kind of "church" where I live. I heard they opened a temple to the old gods in Iceland recently. Since I found my faith, and realized how much Christianity plagiarized from my and m… [more]