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I Have a Confession

Thank you so much for your answers.I wish I could have chosen more than one of you for my best answer seeing that many of you agree with my train of thought.Where I live,they are trying to ban... [more]
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  • I Don't Care If Your Gay Or Straight Or Bi

    In Your Face Okay,I really am getting sick and tired of people being in-your-face about being gay or bisexual.I don't care what the hell you are as long as you are not hurting others.Gay people are the same as str… [more]
  • I Am A George Carlin Fan

    George On Belief Discrimination "They are made to seem like kooks and quaint dingbats who have the nerve to believe that,in an observable universe of trillions upon trillions of stars,and most likely many hundreds of billions of pot… [more]
  • I Loath Our Celebrity Obsessed Culture

    Who Gives A Flying Fart!?! Here are reasons why I hate this in our culture... Money and appearances: Why is it that celebrities get more money than the president? The president's the one who has to make harder… [more]
  • I Am Misunderstood

    I'm Sick Of People Doing This... I'm sick of people only listening to only part of a word or sentence.You know.The only part they WANT to hear.Like when david howard said someone was acting "niggardly".Which means "stingy" or "m… [more]