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I Want to Lose Weight

I Need This... I am overweight, not just overweight obese some would say (ok all would say). I need to lose weight, it is as simple as that. Now if only it was as easy said as done. I've narrowed down... [more]
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  • I Failed At My Whole Life

    Failure 20, live with parents, no job, no car, no love of my life, nothing. everyone is moving on to greater and better things, me, im just stuck here like a stick in the mud… [more]
  • I Wish Someone Would Kill Me Now

    Drowning! Its hard to be happy, even among my closest friends i feel i cant be open and talk about things. I cant complain or fuss, i cry alone every single night. I am lost while everyone else knows whats goin… [more]
  • I Have Blue Eyes

    Flash Those Baby Blues! Everyone in my immediate family has blue eyes. my dads are either really pale blue or grey-ish, my moms turn from blue to green. my brothers are usually an intense darker blue or a light blue. mine ho… [more]
  • I Worry About My Family

    Make It Stop!! My dad has dialysis for his kidneys. he has only been on it for less than a year and is sitting hooked up to a machine for as long as people who have had it for several years. i dont think he would qu… [more]
  • Center of Chaos

    Posted on: June 10th, 2012 at 11:06AM

    Dreams are very funny things, i have weird crazy mostly f***ed up dreams. this is one that i have had a few times now the past couple of nights. and i always wake up around the same time, its weird.Its dark, i can only see what the moon illuminates and that is just the trees canopy above my head, down here everything has a shade of green. I hear movement all around me circling me. I run through the trees trying to escape the sound, feeling someone in hot pursuit on my heals. I stumble into a clearing the same time my friends do from different directions. we all meet in the middle bewildered at what is going on. After moments of devising a plan to stay together and get out of here to get back… [more]