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Well, the only things that make my life going are Dogs and Music!

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I Can Be Positive

Does It Ever End? Like many others I've had a rough life as well, and I'd like to share mine a little. My Parents and I have gone through a lot of struggle, from no money to divorce. And in between all of that, my... [more]
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  • I Hate Going Out

    Not Moving Out Of The House Everyday! As a kid i loved going out and hanging out with my friends. but things have changed a hell out from then. I dont get out a lot, you might think that maybe I'm just too lazy a person. But me not moving… [more]
  • I Can Be Positive

    If We Want To, We Can! Though we all go through our share of problems, We sure as hell want to feel Positive and at Peace. Let us all feel good about Ourselves for once. … [more]