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I do not judge anyone, and i am easy to get along with.

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I Write Poetry

Letter To My Children Who I Lost In Child Birth. Only a moment Only a moment to loose a part of me, only a moment to feel your small short heart beat. Only a moment to hold the ones i love. Only a moment feels like yesterday to me... [more]
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  • I Women Who Can't Have Children

    Will The Pain Ever End? From Not Being Able To Have Children? I was 9 years old, and got hit by a van, and had to get a blood transfusion. I have o- blood. And the blood they gave me had RH factor in the blood. I was also sexually abused and at age 9 and a half… [more]
  • I Don't Care If Your Gay Or Straight Or Bi

    God Loves All People God loves all people God created everyone differently noone person is the same except identical twins.… [more]