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I Can Disagree With You, And Still Love You

You are wrong, yes you are. I know it's selfish to ask you for things and get angry when you don't do it but that's where you have to take a step and show me that you love me. Don't just say but prove... [more]
  • I Loved Her More Than She Will Ever Know

    Nobody can ever understand what she meant for me. I don't pretend but I still love her from the bottom of my heart. I look at her secretly. I think about her all the time. But the hard things is that … [more]
  • I Want to Start a New Life

    I dont want to. I am. I am starting new life. Past is past even if it's freaking yesterday. Hell with it. I have my family my mom siblings. A good job. I am enjoying it. Oh yeah i am :D **** ya… [more]
  • I I'm Alone

    From childhood. I'm travelling. Wasn't able to make friends. My life seems really empty. People see me and think I have a perfect life. why? because of my job, where I live, my car etc. Does it really… [more]
  • I Finally Found It

    Since a long long and very long time, I was looking for good friends. Always tried to look for people whom I can be friend with. Never found it. Today I had chat with a lady. The way she talked. Total… [more]