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A Day In Navy Bootcamp Boot camp was easy. It was a team building camp really where you shot guns once. You learned how to fold clothes properly I mean properly they took a ruler and stuck it down a row of folded t-shirts... [more]
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    I Know Ouija Boards Are Real. I Was Haunted By One. This is story about a Ouija board. The date is April 3 , 201 my friends and i decided to go camping for that weekend. We had off from work we decided to head down to Blue Springs in Florida. We stayed… [more]
  • I Love Weird Facts

    We Got Stuck On The River And Ended Up Eating Frogs For Dinner One day me rich Chris and Levi took a drive out to Milton Florida to visit rich’ family at his farm. It was hot outside rich was working on his car we wanted to go swimming in the river. Levi took m… [more]
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    why do i have to take my hat and sun glasses off
    why do I need to take my hat and sunglasses off when I go to the bank. When I was going in there was a Middle Eastern woman walking out, she had on a full traditional garment. You cannot see her face. The rules of the bank are no headwear or sunglasses. Why do they not have to follow the rules. It is an American bank in America and the rules are no head garment. We are expected to follow their customs and courtesies only go over there. Why don't they do the same here?… [more]