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I am very cute and handsome.. I am never bored or tired cause i get 7 - 10 hrs of sleep every night,and i work 4 jobs,and one side job.. And i'm also very talented,and i have
a lot of friends. And i have cute muscular six pack abs...

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I Graduated From High School

I Graduated High School At Age 15 1/2 Yrs Old.. I graduated early in high school at age 15 1/2,and i got all grades an A+ always,and i never failed any subjects.. I also went into jr. high school earlier than most people,i started jr. high school... [more]
  • I Feel Bad For Losers

    I Don't Feel Sorry For Losers. I don't feel sorry for losers why because i'm tired of them the losers saying i'm so bored.. Go get 3 -4 jobs,play sports,go surfing like i do, go jetskiing like i do,go rock climbing like i do see i'… [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    I Remember My First Kiss... I remember my first kiss so well,it was when i was age 5,and my 2 nd kiss was at age 7,and we felt something it was chemistry... It was so amazing,and great and romantic... The girl i had my first kis… [more]
  • I Need To Be Held, By You, Whoever You Are

    An Experiment /experience.. I took a biotechnology / medical class and i did an experiment with my cousins who were in the same class as me,and with a doctor.. We all asked 3 men to give up eating and sleeping … [more]
  • I Love Sleeping

    I Love Sleeping... I also love sleeping cause i know for a fact that my body needs sleep, and 7 - 9 hrs sleep because i also work 4 jobs,and one side job now.. And all my jobs are important see i am an auto mechan… [more]