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I Heart Chrismcculley1971

Js LOL JS, you are just too much! I truly vailue you as a friend (and I dont seem to have too many at the moment, lol). I keep reading your posts, and I find myself falling more and more in like with... [more]
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  • I Smoke Crack

    One Of A Kind I started using drugs in College. From weed to acid to heroin, I have enjoyed them all. There have been years that I didn't use, but I was still an addict. I never missed using any of those drugs wh… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    What is happening to me?
    My wife was killed in a car accident eight years ago.  It took me years to get over it and want to start to live again.  Even though I am considered a prett good-looking guy, I have shied away from any type of relationship.  Now, all of a sudden, I find myself head over heels with a beautiful and wonderful young woman with whom I have never met!!  And she is completely unattainable.  I have had so many chances to date and for the most part, have turned them down.  Now I am falling for a ghost!!  But Im not complaining, because I am incredibly happy.  I think of her often and eagerly await when we can talk. Love is so very, very, strange.  I know that she doesnt share the same feeling that I … [more]