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Hello, EP! My name is Lauren Christine. I am 21 years old & live in Nashville, TN... I came across this website while I was googling things about anxiety... I thought it looked interesting so I made a profile! My goal is to help others feel better about themselves, possibly make a few friends, & find others that have the same interests & problems as I do! There are some days, more than others, when I feel so alone it hurts. I know I have God by my side no matter what, but I can't help but wonder if there's others that I can relate to that can help me along the way. I'm really a simple girl. I like to go out & have a good time, it doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as it's not hurting me. I'm fairly girly, I love to get my hair & nails done & look pretty, but on the other side, I eat like a man & HATE drama. I like boys & girls, judge me for it, I could care less. I have a lot of interests too! I'm obsessed with hello kitty, animal prints, shoes, sunny days, good books, loud music, peanut butter & chocolate, & the list goes on! I stick by the rule God first, family second, then all else third... & I mean that. I am single, & the main reason is because I won't settle for less. I need someone that I can relate to which has been so hard!!! Most people are looking for a booty call, someone they can control, & that's so not me! To wrap this up, let's just say I'm not your normal 21 year old female! I have big insecurities & big dreams in this big world! I know personally that when you have support from others it helps you get out there & make decisions. So, if you ever feel alone or just need someone new to talk to, I'm your girl!! Don't be afraid, I'm very open. Thanks for taking your time to read a little bit about me! - Lauren

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