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About I hate describing myself especially when i am at a point of reinvention and im not really sure what description fits just yet. I know one thing that will never change.....I love helping people to help themselves. It makes me happy to see someone work their way out of situations that are unhealthy because it means they are starting to love themselves as they should. Outside of that I have no idea what to say here just yet. Will update when I do.....So I have something else to say....I managed to take a very unhealthy, dark and gloomy factor out of my life but until I am positive the extraction was a total success I am not going to get all "let's celebrate" about it. It's a process removing those dark and gloomy things we attract sometimes. Don't wanna count my chickens before they hatch and all that stuff.
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Vices very bad men
Special day
Books Uncensored ones ;)
Music I like certain things from every type of music i know. Life sucks with a lot of biases and prejudices so I tend to stear clear of them....even regarding music
Movies NOT porn lol
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