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Anyone for Skype?

Im so fat I can not see my feet! And I would love a chat with anyone fat or skinny!

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I Want A Girl To Fatten Up For Me

My Friend Who Will Soon I have a friend who I eat lunch with every day, and we'll call her Jane (for privacy reasons) Everyday Jane and I sit down in the school cafeteria and eat lunch together. Jane dose not like the tight... [more]
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  • I Like Fat Girls

    At The Beach So this weekend I went to Virginia beach and Water Country USA and boy, oh boy were there some awesomely fat girls there. There were 3 in particular I noticed. The first, was around 300 lbs. and in a … [more]
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    Why Stop There? I have already put on 30 lbs. since I joined e.p! My fat has nearly doubled in size! My goal is to grow 70 lbs. fatter so that I can be 250 lbs! Wish me luck on my eating conquest!… [more]
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