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Just trying to do whats right for a change

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I Confessions

Ive Been Born Again! When I was about ten I experienced something no-one should ever have to go through I was raped by three much older teenage boys At 10 you dont understand what has been done or why just all you... [more]
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  • I Battle Depression

    Unhappy Life Ive had depression for approx 30 years now probably since the day I was attacked and raped at10 my teens I did not recognise it or understand itit thought I just didnt like life my parents proba… [more]
  • I Put On Headphones And Block Out The World

    My Escape Headphones are my one and oonly way to block out the chaos of life and the sounds I put them on and just tune my mind into another world and im there for hours … [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    Crashed Ive woke up thought I was doing well but ive crashed through the floor with my mood and my noise intolerance is unbearable my 6yo daughter has her cousin having sleepover I cant handle it im in a stat… [more]
  • I Loosing A Friend

    Feel Bad I came back on hear after being away for quite some tome to try and explain apologise and build bridges in particularly one lady on hear even though I the past ive tret her like s hit Everything… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Time to go
    Im seriously thinking about leaving my wife I dont think im in love with her and dont want lie been through really rough 5 years nearly died last year and its changed me as a person I have no malicious towards her and do love her but im not in love with her if that makes sense? … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Had enough
    Ive had one of the worst days in a long time with noise intolerance and depression I was doing so well and thought after 30yrs I finally was level and stronger ive spent days giving advice to younger people now I feel like im a fraud. Im tired im sick off fighting I cant do this anymore to any of my circle of friends dont listern to me how can you when I cant helpmyself Havnt fully decided what imgoing to do but i no i cant keep this up anymore im allready dead inside… [more]