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I Have a Confession

I've just discovered something I've known all along.  Sometimes we all get down and lonely.  Sometimes we look at our lives and wish to be somewhere, anywhere else that where we're at. [more]
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  • I Love Merlin

    King Arthur & Merlin  This is a British show that I love, it's called Merlin.  If anyone enjoys watching the American Smallville, this is similar but with the legend of Camelot.   For Ame… [more]
  • I Affirm, I Believe, I Manifest

    9-11 Theories Are Dangerous And Crazy  All this bad talk about Obama, just remember, Americans, he represents your country now, so give him your trust and let him do his damn JOB !  The president is all for America, so i… [more]
  • I Love Old And New Music

    Any Song You Ever Wanted To Hear Again !  If you ever want to hear a song, nearly any song, not limewire or torrent downloading which can cause viruses and long waits.   I enjoy  Type in the na… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    All of us are lonely together, which means we are not alone. I love you all. Add me if you want to connect.… [more]