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  • I cry for me

    Posted on: November 29th, 2009 at 5:15AM

    I cry inside at the sadness so far in the depths of my soul. I cry for me, the child that just wanted love instead was shown nothing but comtempt. I cry for me, the Mother that has done all she can do but is still made to fee like nothing. I cry for the beautiful person in me that wants to be seen and loved. I cry even harder because I shouldn't have to be crying over that... that should occur naturally. I cry for the Loneliness that is me. I cry because so many times I have needed someone to be there for me and yet no one came. I cry for the teenager who was raped and had to cover it up (figuratively and physically) I cry for the young woman who went through a breast cancer scare and sur… [more]


  • Changes in my life

    Posted on: February 9th, 2010 at 3:37AM

     My life has had so many changes in it recently.  I am getting separated and moving out w/ my daughter.  (hopefully by March 1st).  I am leaving behind 2 step-kids that never accepted my love...who in turn hated me more each day because I was the only one truly showing it to them!  I'm also leaving behind a husband... who isn't a bad man... he's just not for me.  We are trying to rebuild the friendship we once had (which I missed a lot) and I am hopeful that we can get to that point someday.  So far, we are off to an okay start on that process.I am trying to regain "ME" again.  My Strength, My Compassion, My Trust in people but mostly My Ability to love myself again.Part of me feels guilty f… [more]