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I saw Lon Cheyney walking with the queen...

I'm a human...and I am from Earth...ok ok for real now, I was only joking, let me try that again. I am Olivia, and I like to write stuff so I write stories and other stuff too.

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Favorite Quote Jesus Christ god in heaven lord of all that is good and holy, deliver me please from fat people in short pants.
  • 100% Japanese
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Books The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Clockword Orange, Fahrenheit 451
Music Just about anything that isn't synth or pop, but reggae in particular.
Movies The Wall, Star Wars V and VI, The Big Lebowski
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I Have a Good Memory

Sometimes my memory is just too good. I remember things in such vivid detail that it is almost painful for me to remember times past and the people I shared those times with, and to think they're gone... [more]
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  • I Think It Was Wrong For The USA To Drop Atom Bombs On Japan

    Tragedy... The United States of America had a right to attack my country, Japan, during the end of WWII but the way they did it was horrific. The emperor at that time, Hirohito the 124th emperor, was a very host… [more]
  • I Am Not a Very Sexual Person

    Just How I Am I'm not a very sexual person, to be honest. I don't know why. I mean, I've had sex before, and it was kind of fun but it left me rather unimpressed. I also have a bit of a chemical imbalance in my bra… [more]
  • I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

    General Crap Ok then, I have noticed some other people having troubles with some users who are creepers or perverts and are only concerned with groups related to sex fantasies or kinks or fetishes. I haven't had a… [more]
  • I Love My Boyfriend

    AJ My Dear My boyfriend's name is AJ. I love him very much. He is half Japanese and half white, and he is much taller than I. I am only five feet and two inches tall but he is about six feet and one inch tall. I… [more]