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Backing Out I road my MC to a festival in a neighborhood park in the city.. It was crowded but I found a place to park, right across the street, where a car couldn't fit. I was parked between a pickup and a... [more]
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    Texting a stranger
    I received a text today from a number that I didn't recognize. I knew it was a wrong number. I wanted to play a little game so I responded as if I know this person. She said it was storming and wanted to know what the weather was here. I said it's just a little rain here. She replied "stormin. i want to go to the store it want let up. tv gone out". I responded with "Damn, I'd sit tight." She said "ok". So I got to thinking, this must be an adult female. I like those. She's a bit scared perhaps. I'll try to make her feel better. "Wish I was there to hold you." "Yep" was the reply. I was starting to have feelings for a complete stranger. I was picturing her, a young woman, cute but no beauty… [more]