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    My Best Friend is Pregnant
    And me and her other best friend told her from the beginning that she should keep the child, instead of having an abortion. We both just hated the idea of "getting rid" of a "problem" when it really could have a future. I'm actually pro-choice, but she is such a great person, I would hate for her to get rid of something that would be part of her. She has crazy hormones right now, but all she is doing is pushing us away. She almost hates us for telling her to keep the child. Now she's being difficult and a complete biotch to both of us. We are her only friends, really. She has the guy that got her pregnant, but even she admits hes irresponsible and not ready to be a father. Shes spending all … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    is hard to make sense of. Misunderstandings, confusions, a heart in great's hard to discover that next step at times… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My work husband
    I know exactly how I feel about you. Its a strong current that flows through my body as you walk past. The passion I must hold back to grab you from behind, turn you toward me and engulf your very being. To become one with all your essence. I am constantly analyzing you, trying to figure you out. You're so kind, I would be the fool to misinterpret your loyalty and concern as a reciprocated feeling. I constantly hold back from you. I wouldn't know how you'd react if I ever crossed a line thinking it didn't exist...For now you remain a locked room in my heart. Off limits, secretive, and daunting, until I know for sure you want me to have a key… [more]