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I don't know what to else to say but that I'm nice or at least I try to be. I want to help people and make a difference if i can. I hate being around to many people so i prefer woods over almost anything, Im not shy or weird I just want to be nice!

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    Be nice
    How do i have to act in high school to not get pushed around! I thought that if I was just a nice guy then people wouldn't target me for there harassment. I am generally a pacifist being a christian and all, but some times i just want to blow! Like just beat the living hell out of them! I sometimes question my morals towards violence. I don't really want to hurt people I just want to be helpful and nice and live life with some sanity once in a wile... When i get home i am completely drained and constantly falling into depression at school and home. i just don't know how other people do it. help… [more]