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I Used To Be Alone

I Used To Be Alone You know that feeling you got when you were very young , about 4? and you came down the steps to see you new toys that Santa brought you? that feeling of overwhelming joy? Thats how I felt. [more]
  • I Am Gay

    Help , For I Am In Hell I am 12 and honest too god i realize that i don't Know everything, but what i do know is that i am headed to the road of suicide i am constantly bullied and harassed i have been cutting my self for a … [more]
  • I Give Fantastic Relationship Advice

    </3 He Loves Me Not I was with mark. for awhile, then he wanted sex, i told him no, "im 12 god damnit i would NEVER have sex at my age." i turned him down, and he left me, and i miss him i thought he loved me for me not … [more]
  • I Should Tell You

    Why? why? why cant i tell you? Why? why do you cry, i understand why, its sad, but....i just want to tell you … [more]
  • I Used To Be Alone

    My Most Amazing Dance The school dances were just bothers to me, Before i met mark. Friday Feb. 3 2012 I went to a life changing dance. it was the "Cupid Shuffle" dance at my school, I went with mar… [more]