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I Express Myself Through Writing

To Thee Crawling on my knees to thee, Praying that my soul you keep I'm dieing from each lash you give, Dark is my soul to keep. i wish i could just move right on [more]
  • I Love Music

    Love You Forever I told you that i loved you the day before you left, My heart was torn apart the day i got that call I know you knew i loved you, But wish i had more time to tell you just how … [more]
  • I Want People to Share Their Poetry

    So Many Tears Look at all the falling tears so many cried in pain, so many people suffer hurt sometimes its hard to bare but deep inside my private shell ill wither all alone, Fo… [more]
  • I Want People to Share Their Poetry

    A Friend Sent Me This.. Her hair was up in a pony tail, Her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, And she couldn't wait to go. But her mummy tried to tell her, That she probably should stay home. W… [more]
  • I Love Music

    All Because Of You You told me that you loved me, You said you would be true, Yet here i am alone again And its all because of you.… [more]