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I Write Poetry

Do You Fear? I want to share a poem I wrote.. Do you Fear? I stretch my wings I find my strength Do you fear I will go? I stretch my mind I find my voice Do... [more]
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  • I Love Sarah Mclachlan

    Losing I left my husband ( for EXTREMELY good reasons) and stayed with a friend.  She was a Sarah fan.  She put a CD on and told me to listen to the words.  She put on Fallen .... … [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Wow. I Thought I Would Be Somewhere Else By Now Somehow, I thought that marriage equaled harmony.  I have been wrong 4 times.  I secretly crave to be the scary woman on the mountain witnh 5 snarling dogs, a huge flock of chickens, and a 1… [more]
  • I Am Down the Rabbit Hole - Poems From "Recovery Road"

    Battered But Here I am a survivor of drugs, of physical , mental, emotional abuse, I am the mother of a sexually abused child.  ( I didnt know!) He was my soul-mate.  He destroyed more than my daughter's innocence. (… [more]
  • I Miss Me

    Me..... And Him HOW is it possible to keep "you" when you are married?  Is it just me ?  Whn he's pissed at the world, at the job, it makes me stressed/  Am I the only one that "lives" her husband's em… [more]