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I Was Blocked

Yellowtip... I could copy/paste mikemcneil's story. What really annoys me about all this is that yellowtip deleted our little back and forth on the q where I made him look like paranoid, ignorant... [more]
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    I've Seen The Future Baby; It Is Murder Give me back my broken nights my mirrored room, my secret life it's lonely here, there's no one left to torture Give me absolute control over every living soul And … [more]
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    Too Many Questions A man is found dead from a shotgun wound to the head; he was found in death with the shotgun in his grip Suicide, right? That's what the papers say but... Morphine levels in … [more]
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    Oh Chantal, You Incompetent Slag How ******* hard can it be to correctly process payroll?… [more]
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