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I Tried to Commit Suicede

They Told Me Its A Miracle Im Still Alive I'd rather not get into the details.... I don't know for sure if i was really trying to kill myself or not to be honest. I just wanted to be done with everything... I snorted half a pill of oxycodone... [more]
  • I Am Depressed Because I'm Lonely

    Sometimes I Wonder Why God Screws Me Over Even Though I Have Done Nothing Wrong And I Need Somebody To Talk To. Im 15, and i have more issues then most adults, im a guy, and  im overweight, but not obese, i hate myself, im not bad looking, i have hair that almost goes to my shoulders, and  i wonder wha… [more]
  • I Have Never Been Loved

    Never Felt Love, The Only Person I Thought I Loved Hurt Me. Im 15, depressed, lonely and every girl ive liked turned out to be a ***** or a ***** or sometimes both. im a good guy, but i hate that about me because no girl wants the good guy. I find it tough to … [more]
  • I Have Low Self Esteem

    Sigh, It Sucks. It all depends on the day with me, some days ill look in the mirror and say, Colton you look good, others ill see myself in the mirror and be disguisted, and see the person i once was. Ive lost 75 po… [more]
  • I Am Irish

    Im Between A Quater And A Half Roughly My grandfather  came straight from Ireland, and even though i never got to meet him because he drowned in the river when my dad was 9 but from the stories ive heard, he seemed like the typical sterot… [more]