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I Have Bad Mood Swings

The Genetic Muskateer Beaming my head out of a condescending burrow, I noticed a little dribble on my nose. I looked cross eyed to see its inhabitants on the surface of me nose. Bench pressing a studious monk is a huge... [more]
  • I Like Fruits and Vegetables

    Denoument Of Pedition Strolling down with the blast smells of raw fish and exotic spices of the open air market I noticed there was a fruit stall. There was melons and lots of them. I despotically grinned and made my mouth… [more]
  • I Hate Society

    Ep Is So Superficial Too This is what I believe. I dont know why people who have an avatar of themselves, especially if they are a 'hot' looking girl, get so much glory as opposed to ones that put in their time an… [more]
  • I Like Fruits and Vegetables

    My Story A limp man with a mole to his face was burdened at a fruit stall. His mouth was set to a 45 degree angle, therefore the police were maimed to announce that the dude was risen to a hallmark with his a… [more]